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    Not Being Prepared for a Tax Audit

    The Freedom of Information Act. Remember this statement and learn from it. The Freedom of Information Act has forced the Internal Revenue Service to release business audit manuals for public review.   Read More...

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    Not Buying Enough Insurance

    Lack of coverage that is inadequate can wipe your business out before you realize what is happening. We have talked with so many businessmen who feel as though they can save money when it comes to insurance. What they don’t realize until it is too late is cutting corners on the insurance is nothing more than gambling, not saving money.   Read More...

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    No Uniqueness

    In order for most small businesses to stay in business, they must be UNIQUE, in their market. There is so much competition in today’s marketplace, you must, absolutely must, without a doubt, must, stand out. Better value, better price, most convenient, best service, widest selection, quickest delivery, whatever.   Read More...

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    Sole Ownership versus Partnership versus Incorporating

    There are so many comparative benefits and drawbacks to each of these, and so many “experts” who can tell you which way you should go, most small businesses choose the Corporation. In many cases, a corporation can be the most beneficial, but not always. The wrong choice can sometimes cut seriously into the amount of money the owner can take out of the business.   Read More...

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