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    Letting Success Go to Your Head

    We have seen several business owners come up with a winning service or product, start up their business, and go like gang busters. Then, little by little, it turns sour. After analyzing this, we realize the inexperienced owner didn’t put enough emphasis on service.   Read More...

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    Letting Inventories Get Out of Control

    We have often seen business owners who haven’t got the slightest idea of what they have in their inventory unless they run out of a product or if they have fire or water damage in the warehouse and they have to come up with an inventory list for the insurance company. Do you realize how much cash can be tied up sitting in some warehouse or back room? Inventory is cash.   Read More...

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    My Employee – My Friend

    There is nothing wrong with being friends with your employees, but please be sure they know you are the boss. This must be known from day one. Your business is your livelihood.   Read More...

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    Can you pay your bills? The failure of a small business depends on their ability to keep the company sufficiently liquid enough to pay all of the bills, overhead, salaries, inventory, taxes, everything. Try to always think of ways to add cash to your business.   Read More...

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